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Marriage and civil partnerships

Two wedding rings

East Riding Registration and Celebratory Service can offer advice and guidance on the legal preliminaries to and the creation of your marriage or civil partnership ceremony.

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Wedding Bands


Information on legal procedures before marriage, the time and place of marriage, ceremony content and how to find your nearest registration office. 

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Man putting ring on his husbands finger

Civil partnerships

Information on legal procedures before a civil partnership, the possible time and place, ceremony content and how to find your nearest registration office.

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Older couple

Renewal of vows

How to arrange the renewal of vows and what happens during the ceremony.

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win a ceremony

'Win a ceremony' competition

Information on our 'win a ceremony' competition, including how to enter and terms and conditions.

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Couple talking to registrar

Ceremony options

The types of marriage, civil partnership, celebratory, naming, renewal of vows and citizenship ceremonies available, where they can be held and the fees.

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White gazebo


Options for alternative venues for your ceremony..

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Piggy Bank

Registration ceremony fees

Information on the fees for marriage, civil partnership, celebratory, renewal of vows, naming and citizenship ceremonies.

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