After a marriage ceremony

Taking your partner's name after marriage and who to notify of the change, obtaining copies of your marriage certificate, renewing vows and applying for a gender recognition certificate.

Do I have to take my partner’s name when I get married?

There is no legal requirement to take your partner's name after you get married. You can keep your own name if you wish and you do not need to notify anyone of that decision. However, you may take your partner's name or even combine the two.

Who do I have to notify if I decide to change my name?

You only have to notify those persons or organisations that have an interest in your identity. For example, you will have to notify your employer, your bank, Inland Revenue and so on.

How do I obtain copies of my marriage certificate?

You must apply to the register office in the district in which you were married. If you were married in the East Riding of Yorkshire we can provide a copy certificate of your marriage entry.

Please note: if you make an application for additional copies within one month of the date of your marriage you will be able to purchase them at a reduced fee.

Can we renew our vows at a later date?

Yes, we offer a specially put together renewal of vows ceremony.

What happens if I or my partner wish to transgender?

A member of a married couple who applies for a gender recognition certificate (GRC) cannot be issued with a full GRC certificate, instead the Gender Recognition Panel must issue an interim GRC.

Where an interim GRC has been issued and the applicant wishes to obtain a full GRC, the applicant must take steps to end her/his marriage or civil partnership within six months of the issue of the certificate. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the issue of an interim GRC is a ground for making a marriage or civil partnership voidable. This enables them to move from marriage to civil partnership without any break between the two.

There is further information about this process on the external gender recognition panel's website. 

Justice - Gender Recognition Panel (external website) 

Last Updated: Wednesday, 02 May 2018