Arranging a marriage ceremony

Cost of getting married, legal age, number of witnesses/guests, can someone ‘give you away’, wearing a wedding dress, bridesmaids, photographs and videos, wedding rehearsals and view images of ceremony rooms. 

Where is my nearest registration office?

You can find your nearest registration office using the registration office  registration office finder.

Where and when can I hold my civil ceremony?

You can be married on any day of the week, subject to the availability of registrars.  Your civil ceremony may take place at any register office or an approved premises, providing that legal procedures have been completed beforehand.

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You can view images of the rooms available for ceremonies below

How much does it cost to get married?

Fees are charged for various aspects marriage, for example, giving notices will be £35 each. The ceremony fee depends on the time of day and ceremony venue chosen.  Notice fees must be paid at the time of appointment, all other fees may be paid at the same time or no later than 8 weeks before the registration/ceremony date. 

Fees may be paid in cash, by cheque (if more than a month before the ceremony) or by debit or credit card. This payment can be made to your nearest registration office. 

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How old do you have to be to be able to get married?

You must be over the age of 16 to be able to get married in England or Wales. A young person who is 16 or 17 will need permission in order to marry in England or Wales unless he/she has been married before. He/she needs the permission of each parent with parental responsibility and any legal guardian. There are some instances when a young person aged 16 or 17 will need the permission of someone else as well as a parent or guardian. This will usually be where the local authority is involved in the young person’s care.

Sometimes parental consent may be not be available, for example, where the young person does not know where one of his/her parents is. In these cases, the register office may waive the need for permission or a court can give the necessary permission. A young person may need to get legal advice. Parental consent may be refused. In such cases, the court can give the necessary permission. If a young person cannot get permission and decides to apply to court for the necessary permission, he/she should seek legal advice.

Can I book online?

Unfortunately, not. Before we accept a booking we have to be sure that we have the staff available to attend on your chosen day.  We also have to confirm that you are legally free to marry and ensure that you are aware of the required legal preliminaries.

Can someone 'give me away'?

Yes, anyone can give you away.  This could be a close friend or relative of any age.

How many witnesses do we need?

Legally, you must have two witnesses who are able to fully understand the importance and the wording of the ceremony. They must be able to speak and understand English. It may be possible for you to have up to 4 witnesses sign the register and this may be particularly advisable if one of your other witnesses is very young. 

Can I wear a wedding dress?

Many of our brides choose to wear wedding gowns.  It really is a matter of personal choice.

Can I have bridesmaids?

Yes you can have bridesmaids; this is an excellent way of involving family and friends in your ceremony.

How many guests can I invite to my wedding?

Each venue will have different room capacities. You must confirm your room capacity before you issue your invitations.  Room capacities are set to ensure the safety of you and your guests in the event of a fire. Registrars are instructed to respectfully ask excess numbers to vacate the room in the interest of safety. It is therefore better to establish numbers before the wedding day to avoid disappointment.

Can a Minister or a friend conduct my civil ceremony?

No, the conducting and registration of your civil marriage will be carried out by registrars.

Can we have photographs and a video taken?

We do encourage photographs but, ask that guests do not take them during the ceremony as the noise and movement can really disturb the ceremony. However, we are happy for one designated photographer to take a few select shots which have been agreed beforehand with the conducting registrar. We are happy for a video to record the ceremony and can advise the videographer on the best viewpoint. We do not allow videos or photographs to be taken of the legal register but, will set up a mock register for this purpose.

Unless you have booked additional time this can be limited within the ceremony room and although we do allow some photos these may have to be select shots as the registrars will more than likely have to move on to another ceremony immediately after yours.

Is it possible have a rehearsal before the wedding day?

We do offer group rehearsal evenings for at the register office in Beverley at a cost of £20 per couple. These are subject to enough people attending.

Where can I view images of council ceremony rooms?

Images of the six council venues for wedding ceremonies can be found on Flickr. 

View images of council ceremony rooms

Can I leave feedback on the service I have used?

Yes, we welcome your feedback. Please complete our online survey using the following link:


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Last Updated: Friday, 02 September 2016