During a marriage ceremony

Type of ceremony including outdoors or in a marquee, choice of music and exchanging rings. 

Can we have live music played during our ceremony?

Yes this is possible, we often have live music including the occasional singing performance from a guest. If your ceremony is to be held at an approved premises you should discuss this with the staff there. If the ceremony is to be held in a council venue this may be possible but, we cannot permit the use of equipment that requires an electrical supply.

What type of music can we have?

Any music that you choose must be non religious and must be approved by the superintendent registrar at least four weeks before the ceremony.  If you wish to play pre recorded music we have to check that your CD is compatible with our sound systems. CDs of music to be played at approved premise weddings must be submitted to that venue’s ceremony coordinator after approval by the superintendent registrar. 

We suggest that you select a few pieces of music whilst your guests gather in the ceremony room and possibly a special track for the entrance of the bride; however this will only be played for a few seconds. Two or three tracks could be played whilst you sign the register and then you may like a special track as you both leave the room.

Do we have to exchange rings?

No this is a personal choice and is not a legal requirement.

What type of ceremony can I have?

We have a range of quality ceremonies from our standard Bronze, Silver or Gold options to a very bespoke Platinum ceremony or at suitable venues a Sapphire ceremony.

The Bronze ceremony is quite short and simple, the Silver is a modern option and the Gold is more traditionally-worded.

The Platinum ceremonyis lengthier and enables you to work with your dedicated registrar to piece together your ceremony. You can incorporate candle lighting and other enhancements into your ceremony. 

The Sapphire ceremony is where the majority of the ceremony takes place out of doors at your chosen approved venue for marriage, but for a few moments the immediate wedding party will enter the appropriate licenced room within the approved venue to perform the legal part of the ceremony and the signing of the register whilst the remaining guests listen to a piece of music or a reading. 

There is an additional fee for the Platinum and Sapphire ceremonies as we have to allow more time for the preparation and delivery of the ceremony. You should ask a registrar about this fee when organising your ceremony. 

Can I hold my ceremony outdoors or in a marquee?

We may be able to perform your ceremony outdoors. The following pdf document gives advice on holding a ceremony in a private venue.

Private ceremonies (pdf 526kb opens in new window)

We would have to carry out the legal part of your ceremony in a room that has been approved for such. This may be a room within an approved venue or in a registration office. The registration could be very low key and could be performed the day before the ceremony or immediately before in the case of a hotel.

We would then carry out the celebratory part of the ceremony outdoors, weather permitting, or in a marquee.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 January 2018