Arranging the renewal of vows ceremony

Information on what the ceremony is, legal implications, who can have it, where can it be held, who conducts the ceremony, short notice ceremonies, married abroad, how to arrange and how much.

What is a renewal of vows ceremony?

This is a ceremony for married or civil partnership couples who wish to make new the promises that they made in their original ceremony. The ceremony is suitable for couples at any stage of their relationship, but quite often couples wish to hold their ceremony on special anniversaries or following a marriage or civil partnership abroad. The event can be shared with family and friends, or held privately without guests if preferred.

Unlike some unregulated independent celebrants our ceremonies are delivered by highly trained professional staff whose performance is monitored and regularly assessed. Our professional team have been accredited with a number of national awards and aim to deliver a quality bespoke service.

Does the renewal of vows ceremony have any legal implications?

No - these ceremonies have no legal status and are not legally binding between those who take part in any way. The ceremony does not alter, add or detract from any rights or responsibilities that you already have as a couple.

Who can have a renewal of vows ceremony?

To qualify, the couple must already be legally married or in a civil partnership with each other. They can be of any age and have been together for any length of time.

Where can the ceremony be held?

Within East Riding of Yorkshire, there are a variety of approved venues to choose from, these range from council buildings to hotels and stately homes.

East Riding of Yorkshire approved venues.

You can view images of the suites on the arranging a marriage ceremony page.

Public Approved Premises list  (pdf 288kb opens new window)

Couples do not have to live in the district where they wish to hold the ceremony. It may be possible to hold the ceremony in your own home or other private venue if this is within East Riding of Yorkshire. The following pdf document gives advice on holding a ceremony in a private venue.

Ceremonies in private venues (pdf 526kb opens in new window)

Who will conduct the ceremony?

A professionally trained celebrant will conduct the ceremony.

Can we arrange a ceremony at short notice?

Usually the answer  to this is yes, but this will depend on the availability of your venue and our celebrant. Unfortunately our bespoke ceremony (one which you choose to arrange) cannot be arranged at short notice as we need a minimum of eight weeks notice to prepare these special ceremonies. However, our standard ceremony (one which is already arranged) can be arranged with shorter notice, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

If we marry or form a civil partnership abroad, can we hold a ceremony when we return home?

Yes, this is a perfect ceremony to bring family and friends together to share your celebration.

How do we arrange a renewal of vows ceremony?

Please contact your nearest registration office and ask to speak to a ceremony coordinator who will arrange for a celebrant in your area to contact you.

Find your nearest registration office

How much does a renewal of vows ceremony cost?

The cost of a renewal of vows ceremony can be found on the ceremony fees page.

Last Updated: Friday, 06 October 2017