During the ceremony

Information on how the ceremony is created, bestman and bridesmaids, exchanging rings, wearing a wedding dress, involving children, how long will it be and do you sign the official register.

How is the ceremony created?

For a specially written ceremony a dedicated celebrant will work closely with the couple, discussing the options that are available and use these to create a very special ceremony. The ceremony can contain non religious words, poems and/or readings that hold a special meaning to the couple. It may also include the exchanging of rings or gifts. A standard ceremony allows for a number of options to be chosen to be put into the script.

Unlike some unregulated independent celebrants our ceremonies are delivered by highly trained professional staff whose performance is monitored and regularly assessed. Our professional team have been accredited with a number of national awards and aim to deliver a quality bespoke service. 

Can we have a best man and bridesmaids if we wish?

Yes many couples do choose a best man and bridesmaids. Some couples may ask the people who took part on their wedding or civil partnership day to be involved again.  The best man could perhaps deliver a short speech making references to things that happened on that day.

Do we exchange rings

You may exchange new rings, or you may like to rededicate the rings that you exchanged on your wedding or civil partnership day.

Can I wear a wedding dress?

Some couples choose to wear something similar to the outfits they wore on their wedding or civil partnership day, whilst others choose something entirely different. The choice is up to you.

Can our children be involved in the ceremony?

We welcome the involvement of family and friends and can suggest ways in which they can do this including the delivery of suitable readings and poetry.  

How long will the ceremony last?

A standard ceremony usually takes from between 10 to 15 minutes and a bespoke ceremony usually takes rather longer, depending on the number of options included in the ceremony and the number of readings chosen. You may also choose to have live music played at your ceremony.

Do we sign an official register?

No. The ceremony includes the signing of a commemorative certificate by the couple and their witnesses (if chosen). This certificate is then given to the couple in celebration of their special event. A personalised script of the ceremony is also available for an additional fee of £20.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 02 May 2018