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Ceremony web cameras

What images do the web cameras capture?

The still image cameras which capture still images of the ceremony which are refreshed on screen every five seconds.

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How can I view the web cameras?

The images appear on the internet and are available for viewing from anywhere in the world. You can access these webcams below:

View a list of available web cameras

From this page you can also send the happy couple an email message.

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Where are web cameras in use?

The still image cameras are available at our Beverley, Bridlington, Goole and
Pocklington offices.

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Can we view the images after the ceremony?

You cannot view the still, images after the ceremony.

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Can anyone else view these images during the ceremony?

Anyone can view the still images if they happen to log onto our site during the

We do not advertise the dates or times that the still image cameras are in use.

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Is there a guarantee of the quality of filming from the cameras?

The council fully appreciates the importance of this ceremony and will do all it can to
make it a very special occasion. However, this facility is largely outside of the
council’s control so the council are unable to provide any assurance or guarantee of the below:

  • to the quality of the pictures
  • that they will be properly distributed through the internet
  • that they will be provided without interruption or error free
  • that any party will be able to see or download those pictures.

We are sure that you will wish to have your own record of the day in any event.

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How much does this service cost?

The still web camera facility is free of charge.

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How do we request the cameras?

To book the still web cameras please speak to the registrars when you come to
arrange your ceremony.

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