New environmental grants scheme for tree planting projects in South Holderness open for business

Landowners and local organisations in south Holderness are being invited to take advantage of a new tree planting grant scheme for the area.


A fund of £15,000 has been made available by RES UK & Ireland Limited for new tree, woodland and hedgerow planting work close to the Roos Wind Farm development to the south west of Roos.  The grant fund has been made available to East Riding of Yorkshire Council through a planning agreement under Section 106 of the Town & Country Planning Act.  The fund will be administered by the HEYwoods Partnership – East Yorkshire’s woodland initiative.  

The grant funding is being made available to both public and private landowners and local organisations wanting to develop new tree, woodland and hedgerow planting projects in the area.  It is expected that such proposals will be within an approximately 5km radius of the Roos Wind farm site.


Stephen Robinson, HEYwoods Partnership Manager, said: “The grant project offers an ideal opportunity for significant levels of environmental enhancement work in south Holderness.  We hope that individuals, landowners and local groups from around this area will take advantage of the opportunity to submit grant applications for new tree, woodland and hedgerow planting work in their local area”.

The application process for grant support is now open and all proposals must be submitted by 31st August 2012.  Further information regarding the grant application process, and additional guidance concerning the types of projects that could receive support, is available on request by calling (01482) 393726.

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